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Earn To Die 3

Earn To Die game series is one of my favorite one because here you can find all I love - racing and zombies. In fact, it is a very addictive online game with an interesting plot, variety of different cars, great gameplay and all those features we love about online games. In Earn To Die 3 the story continues and your mission is to reach the new safe spot to join the evacuation team and survive. The city where you are is full of zombies and the only way to escape is to build a powerful car, tune it up and run over crowds of zombies.

In Earn To Die 3 you start the game with a weak car which has small fuel tank and can't drive at top speed. Your mission is to earn some money and upgrade the spare parts of your car to make it ready for a ride against zombies. There are all major parts of the car which should be updated - Engines, Suspension, Tires, Guns and others. Every time you make a try to escape the city full of zombies, you are given money according to the distance you covered and the number of zombies you killed. Earning money is not an easy task but that's what is most important. Without money you can't buy upgrades for the car and as a result will die.

There are several cars available in this game but all of them are locked at the beginning. The only way to unlock the next car is to fully upgrade the existing one. When you unlock the new car, it will have the same power as the previous one but upgraded to the max. Then you should start upgrading the new car too to make it even more powerful. Only with the last car you will manage to cover all the distance and escape the zombies.

The first version of Earn To Die appeared long time ago but even though, the game is still very popular. As for me, it is one of the best games in this category. Now you can enjoy the 3rd edition of the game at our website but you can also download it to your smartphone. The game is very addictive so I am sure you will have great time killing zombies and upgrading your cars.

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