Stickman Zombie Annihilation

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Stickman Zombie Annihilation

Stickman Zombie Annihilation is a pretty old online game about zombies. Even though that the graphics of this game is very poor and the physics is also not acceptable, it is still very popular and addictive and I will tell you why. When I play this game I travel back in past days when I used to play the flash games with my friends at school. The game was supposed to die by the end of 2020 but thanks for the developers, now we have opportunity to enjoy this retro game for free.

In Stickman Zombie Annihilation your mission is to escape from zombies and reach the shelter before they catch you. At the beginning of the game you have only your bike available. You must ride your bike through the crowds of zombies, killing them and earning money. As your bike is pretty weak, it can't reach the shelter unless you upgrade it. The most important parts that you must upgrade are : Engine,Fuel Tank, Wheels and Turbo. As soon as you upgraded your bike to the max, you will unlock a new car and be able to start upgrading it. This may sound like an old-house game but believe me, even today the Stickman Zombie Annihilation is a very addictive and interesting game, it is worth trying.

When we are speaking about stickman games, we are ready that the graphics is not the top priority of the game. In this game the graphics is pretty poor but it does not make you any problems - you just don't notice it. The main thing why this game is so popular is the variety of cars and interesting career mode.

One thing that I don't like about this game is the physics of driving and jumping. I have played hundreds of racing games where the driving was more realistic. I do understand that this is a stickman game but physics is one of the most important things for me. The best thing that the developers added to this game is a slow motion effect when you kill several zombies at a time or something explodes. In my opinion, Stickman Zombie Annihilation is not a game which can be played for long time, it is more like one of those games you play for half an hour and never get back to them. Anyway, I am sure that this game is worth trying...

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