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Drift Hunters

When we are speaking about racing games we should mention a special sub-category which is called drift games. As you know, drift is very popular sport and many people love to watch it. In this awesome game, which is called Drift Hunters you can turn yourself into a professional drifter and get a lot of positive emotions. In fact, Drift Hunters is one of the most popular online drift games and now you can enjoy it for free at our website.

The graphics is this awesome 3D racing game is very good - you may have feeling that you are playing a cute video game rather then an online game. But there is a downside of such brilliant graphics - the game is pretty heavy and requires more time to load fully in your browser so be patient. Drift Hunters have more than 10 different tracks and a lot of popular racing cars to choose from. I am sure that this game will fit your needs and give you the best drifting experience.

Having a lot of tracks is important for a drif game, but whats more important is variety of legendary cars. In this game you will discover wonderful and legendary cars like BMW M3, Toyota Supra and others. All in all, there are more than 30 different cars which can be tuned up to turn into a real drift monster.

Getting your car ready for the race is most addictive and important part of the game. I mean tunning up the brakes, engine and wheels. The game has a lot of interesting features that can help you customize the car and make it fully ready for a drift race. I am sure that you will enjoy Drift Hunters game at our website.

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